In 2010 Ramiro Lopez Jr. and Ramiro Lopez Sr. founded the company Precise Services Inc. Their initial idea was to brand the company with the family name, but they soon came to the realization that the brand had to reflect and describe what kind of services it would provide, and so the Precise brand was born. As a new company with no bonding capacity, Precise Services was limited to performing residential and small commercial contracts. After three years of exponential growth, it was time to take a step further and dedicate its personnel to performing sub-contracts for the larger paving contractors in town. That same year they managed to establish a relationship with a known bonding agency and surety so that the company could further develop its growth and commence bidding on higher profit projects. The company now strives to maintain a healthy backlog of work, while providing first-rate construction services to its many clients.

The Team.

Ramiro Lopez Jr.


Ramiro Jr. started his career in the paving industry in 2000 working for Ramiro Sr. In 2002 he joined the military and returned to his calling in 2006. He is known for his leadership skills and drive to succeed.

Alberto Lopez

Vice President

Alberto started his career in the paving industry at age 17 as a laborer. He quickly moved up to foreman at 21. He is known for his drive, dedication and persistence.

Ramiro Lopez Sr.

Operations Manager

Ramiro Lopez started his career in the paving business in 88'. He is known for being innovative, intelligent and productive, and has relayed his abilities to his sons Ramiro Jr. and Alberto.