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Our Commitment to Excellence 

At Precise Services, Inc., your visions become our milestones. With a proud decade-long legacy, we've become a name synonymous with precision, quality, and reliability in the civil construction sector. From paving projects to new construction of water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage improvements, to land clearing and mass grading capabilities, our diverse range of services reflects our adaptability and commitment to excellence. What's more, the safety of our workforce is paramount, with 100% of our team OSHA 10 certified. Don't just take our word for it; read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

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Precise Services is the one stop shop for your civil construction projects. From procurement to completion Precise offers the tools to create and build our next generation's infrastructure.

We specialize in: Clearing, Demolition, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, Waterline, Roadway Paving, Flat Work Paving, and Structural Paving.

Our Solutions.

We offer land clearing services from underbrush clearing to heavy timber.  If your project needs mass or even selective clearing to improve your project please contact us. Our professional team and specialized equipment allow us to perform the task at hand without sacrificing time, effort or accuracy.


Precise Services also provides demolition services to encompass paving demolition and dismantling of structures.  We own, maintain, and operate a fleet of excavators, dozers, loaders and trucks to ensure we have the right equipment to complete any job.


With our experienced staff we can successfully execute any excavation task you have.  Utilizing cutting edge Topcon equipment and a fleet of earthwork equipment we can handle mass excavations, site grading or earth stabilization.

The Houston area has many soil types which require a specialized knowledge of excavation procedures.  Our qualified team brings over 20 years of experience working in and around the Houston area.


Performing undergound utilities in the Houston area brings many challenges that our skilled team and procedures tackle on a daily basis.  Whether it is the soil type, ground water, shallow or extreme depths you can be confident your utilities will be installed in a safe and efficient work environment.

Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with underground work and that's why Precise provides continuous training to maintain trench safety, competent person and confined space education to our team.


Our Work

Precise Services Inc. a firm created to meet all construction needs, regardless of size or intricacy. Dedicated to providing an utmost degree of customer service to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing superior workmanship, materials, and knowledge through experience, all while maintaining deadlines and constructing projects in a timely manner. Precise, a well thought out name for a company which pin points your needs.

Paving is where Precise excels in customer satisfaction.  Our finished paving project have brought us accolades from many customers. When it comes to paving there is no room for error and that is part of the meaning behind the company name Precise. 

We specialize in concrete and asphalt roads, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots for commercial, residential, City and state projects.  Whether you have new paving or reconstruction requirements we can accommodate.


Many projects require structural concrete for numerous applications including retention, detention, support or strictly ascetics. With our skilled carpenters and concrete finishers we can provide a finish and structure that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

We preform:

  • Slope Paving

  • Headwalls

  • Wingwalls

  • Junction Boxes and Structures

  • Retaining Walls

  • Weir Structures

  • Spillways

Structural Concrete



The quality of work was excellent and was overshadowed only by the customer service provided to our citizens by the Precise Team.

The City of Pearland

The Quality of work performed was top notch... the quality of work crews was great, and the job site was straightened up at the end of each workday.

The City of Conroe

Based on our experience working with PSI, WGA found that our goal to provide value to our client through cost-effective design solutions has been accomplished... exceeds expectations.

Ward, Getz & Associates


Valley Ranch Parkway ($2.4M)

We served our headquarters' community by completing the construction of the southbound lanes and drainage of Valley Ranch Parkway, fulfilling a long-awaited need. 

Lakeview Sec. 1-4 ($6.1M)

This multifaceted project involved building water mains, storm drainage, and paving to serve a 170-acre community, exemplifying our expertise in complex infrastructure development. 

Alligator Creek Drainage Rehab ($4.2M)

This crucial project included reconstructing a large drainage channel in the City of Conroe, positively impacting multiple communities and showcasing our commitment to essential public works.

Westview Blvd and Montgomery Park Blvd. ($3.2M)

Completed during the COVID pandemic, this project was vital for delivering water to multiple communities. It was also the first successful waterline Pipe Burst Project ever completed in the City of Conroe, demonstrating our innovation and resilience. 

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