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 Investing in a Successful Future

Precise Services, Inc. stands as a testament to innovation, perseverance, and intelligent growth. Over the last decade, we've learned not just how to build roads and infrastructure but how to construct a financially solid and responsible business. Our journey from a mere $1,000 investment to nearly $20,000,000 in annual revenue is evidence of our strategic acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our financial strength is not derived from formal financial training but from a decade of hard-earned experience, hands-on management, and lessons learned through both triumphs and challenges. We've crafted our approach to financial management through: 

Conservative Decision Making: Our financial conservatism means that we make strategic investments, manage risks intelligently, and ensure that our growth is sustainable and responsible. 

Operational Functionality: By aligning our financial strategies with our operational goals, we create efficiency and effectiveness in our processes. This alignment has been pivotal in driving our financial success. 

Learning from Experience: Ten years in the industry has provided us with insights and understanding that theory alone cannot offer. We've adapted, innovated, and evolved, shaping our financial approach to be as precise and quality-driven as the projects we deliver. 

Partnerships with Experts: While our core knowledge comes from experience, we also collaborate with trusted financial advisors to ensure alignment with industry standards and best practices. 

Financial Highlights: 

  • Achieved $2,000,000 in profitable annual revenue in less than 3 years with only $1,000 investment from owners and a whole lot of sweat equity. 

  • Reached $5,000,000 in profitable annual revenue by year 5. 

  • From year 5 to year 10, we've grown from $5,000,000 in annual revenue to close to $20,000,000, and we remain profitable. 

  • Financially capable of performing projects up to $10M and growing, reflecting our robust financial foundation and upward trajectory

Growing Financially Through Experience
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