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Meet the Team & Join the Journey 

Precise began in 2013 as a family vision, founded by Ramiro Lopez, Sr., Ramiro Lopez, Jr., and Alberto Lopez. With decades of experience working for top construction companies in the Greater Houston Area, they started as crew members and quickly climbed the ranks. Their hands-on experience and competitive spirit led them to create Precise, turning an idea into reality.

Building Success: A Family Legacy

Initially focusing on residential projects, Precise quickly built a reputation for speed, craftsmanship, and quality. Milestones like replacing sidewalks in Bay City's historic district and undertaking Pearland's "most extensive sidewalk program to date" marked significant growth. These experiences have fueled our continuous expansion into utility construction and further avenues.

From Driveways to Roadways: Our Work Speaks Volumes 


Our commitment to honesty and ethical behavior builds trust and lasting relationships. 


Ensuring safety for both our employees and the public is foundational to our operation. 


Respect for employees and clients is paramount, understanding that integrity in the workplace leads to quality work.


We foster leadership, empowering our team to strive for excellence. 

Alberto Lopez is a founding member of Precise and current President of the company. Like his brother and father, he has worked every position in construction from crew member on up. His work began under his father, and Alberto caught on quickly and maintained the standard of hard work Ramiro, Sr. had set for his family all their lives. Like his brother, Alberto worked overseas on large scale government construction projects, although he was on the private side of things, running his own crew. His leadership and soft skills, which guided him through those previous jobs, naturally pushed him to want a company of his own. In the early days of Precise, Alberto took on the role of forming business relationships and finding their work. He and Ramiro, Jr. split the duties of starting a company, and their shared willingness to sacrifice and their experience working in harsh conditions overseas is what formed the foundation of their early success. Alberto believes transparency and commitment to quality are what drives long-term success in all facets of business. He operates Precise, from it’s very first day through to now, with respect for his employees and an unshakeable integrity in his dealings with clients.

Alberto Lopez

Ramiro Lopez, Jr. is a founding member of Precise and former President of the company. Construction was his first job and he picked it up quickly while learning under his father at several major construction companies in the Greater Houston Area. He was the type of employee who sought out information on new products and construction methods to keep evolving in his field. That skillset and drive eventually led him abroad as a member of the U.S. Navy’s Construction Battalion, better known as the SeaBees, where he plied his trade in active war zones around the world. Upon returning from service, he found a role as a Supervisor in charge of highway paving for a local company back in Houston. His competitive spirit, and experience in the SeaBees, led him to want to branch out with his family. Given his mindset, Ramiro, Jr. was most likely to be found out on project sites even when he was company President. He saw Precise as more than a business opportunity—to him it was an opportunity to show the quality of work a team of people, all pulling in the same direction, are capable of.

Ramiro Lopez, Jr. 

Ramiro Lopez, Sr. has over 30 years of experience in construction, almost all of which came in the Greater Houston Area. He began in labor but quickly moved up due to persistence a desire to learn. He was always asking questions and seeking opportunities to do new things because he wanted to understand how the industry worked. He moved up and up, working for major construction companies in Houston as a Foreman then Supervisor. Eventually, his sons, Ramiro, Jr. & Alberto, made a decision to begin Precise. He knew they had the skillset to be successful, and when he saw how serious they were in their preparations, he made the decision to join them in the endeavor. He not only brought his ample experience to Precise, but also an understanding of the sacrifices that would need to be made. He believes in the saying “don’t run before you walk” and that spirit has guided Precise to steady growth year after year.

Ramiro Lopez, Sr.

Our Founders

Our Team

Katie Lopez

Katie Lopez began working for Precise in late 2014 as a courier. Piece by piece her responsibilities grew. She handles paperwork of all sorts, from applications to contracts to insurance, which makes use of her strong organizational skills and attention to detail. She sees the consistently high quality of work as Precise’s signature attribute.

Ruben Apolinar

Ruben Apolinar is a highly skilled Lead Mechanic/Field Tech with a remarkable background in the US Navy Seabees and Holt Caterpillar. In 2022, he joined Precise as Equipment & Service Manager, leveraging his expertise in logistics and equipment maintenance. With a focus on achieving 100% equipment availability, Ruben's commitment to quality and efficiency drives Precise's success. He values the welfare of his colleagues and appreciates Precise's culture of respect and collaboration. Under his leadership, the company thrives, delivering top-notch service and customer satisfaction in equipment management.

Roberto Gonzalez

Roberto Gonzalez began working for Precise as a Civil Engineer in 2019 and has worked in his field since 2013. Roberto wanted to join the Precise team because of their dedication to their work, and to that dedication he has added his own passion for engineering and a patience for the detail his job requires. He believes the name Precise tells clients all they need to know about the quality of work they can expect.

Maria Barboza

Maria Barboza handles Precise’s IT. She maintains data security and trains employees on how to use data systems. Precise being a family company, and how that translates into company-wide meticulousness and enthusiasm for each project, is what Maria appreciates most about being part of the team.

Our team boasts a harmonious blend of fresh professionals and experienced veterans within the construction sector. This intentional fusion plays a pivotal role in securing the ongoing expansion of our company's legacy.  Our leadership reflects the strength and diversity of our capabilities. With a blend of experience, innovation, and dedication, our management team drives Precise towards new horizons. Explore our team, their stories, and the values that guide them.

Tiffany Lowery

After the founding of the company, Tiffany Lowery was the first employee hired at Precise. She is the company’s Controller, handling financials for all departments. She is proud of having been part of Precise’s rapid growth from what she called a “team of underdogs” to a fully bonded company that has maintained their original core values such as integrity, respect, and transparency. 

Daniel Estrada

Daniel Estrada has been at Precise since 2015. Having previously worked with Ramiro, Sr. at another company, Daniel eventually joined Precise and worked his way from crew member to General Superintendent overseeing the foremen. Working his way up from job to job, just as each of the company’s founders did, gives Daniel the experience and perspective needed to be a good manager and leader.

Jacob Spoerle

Jacob Spoerle has managed Precise’s surveying work since 2021. He’s also responsible for the GPS-assisted equipment and helps maintain company records by taking drone footage of the project sites. He sees the Precise team’s dedication and passion for quality work to be the drivers of their success and continued growth.

Mayra Berenice Valdez Niño

Joined in December 2022 as an Internal Accountant & Budget Analyst, is a pivotal asset to the company's financial operations. Her adeptness in accounting and finance drives efficient data management, payroll oversight, and budget analysis. Mayra's adaptable approach led to an enhanced accounting system and streamlined procedures. Dedicated to teamwork, she delivers insightful reports to the president, showcasing 7 months of unwavering commitment, continuous growth, and leadership potential. Her experience epitomizes effective management and leadership qualities

Juan Manuel Valdez

In 2019, Juan Manuel Valdez joined Precise as a Project Engineer, building upon skills cultivated since 2013. Starting as an apprentice in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, he supervised water supply systems, advancing to oversee international bridge projects at CAPUFE. At Precise, Juan adeptly manages diverse projects, ensuring excellence and upholding our commitment to quality. His dedication to improvement mirrors Precise's values, showcasing his passion and engineering precision.

At Precise, we see our employees as family. We invest in developing skills, promoting growth, and nurturing a collaborative and respectful environment. If you share our values and have a passion for quality, innovation, and excellence, consider joining our team.

Join Our Team: Crafting a Bright Future Together

We take pride in our dedication to safety training. 100% of our workforce is required to have, at minimum, their OSHA 10 certification. This adherence to standards underscores our commitment to excellence in safety. If you're interested in learning more about our low experience modification rating, reflecting our industry-leading safety practices, we invite you to inquire with us.

Workforce Training & Experience Modification Rating 

At Precise, our main focus is safety. Through careful planning and precautionary methods, our highly skilled crews provide a safe work environment. Your confidence in our ability to ensure safety is our promise. 

Safety Commitment
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